Dutch terrestrial desk globe

  • Material

    paper and tin


    A rare 20th-Century 4-inch diameter Dutch terrestrial desk globe, 
by C.L. van Balen, in a tin table stand — 15cm. (5 7/8in.) high



    AARDGLOBE door C.L. VAN BALEN. J.B. Wolters. Groningen. Den Haag. Batavia.. The globe is made up of twelve chromolithographed gores and two polar calottes laid on a card sphere. The equatorial and prime meridian are graduated in degrees; the ecliptic is graduated 1-360° with sigils. The continents show nation states delicately shaded in blue, yellow, orange and green, with cities, rivers and mountains. The globe is mounted in a tin meridian circle with a colour printed scale in four quadrants. The tin horizon is similarly printed and shows degrees 1-360 and in four quadrants, days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac and eight compass directions. The edge of the horizon is decorated with moon and star motifs and is marked WED. J. BEKKERS & ZOON. DORDRECHT. (Holland). It is raised on four legs united by cross stretchers. 


    15cm. (5 7/8in.) high



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